Senior Project Manager (NSW)

Hickory is one of Melbourne’s largest and most respected and innovative high-rise builders. Our business has grown to employ over 700 people and we also lead the way in prefabricated buildings.
At Hickory, we are made for life, this centers around our connections, buildings and future visions.
We are looking for a hard-working, qualified Senior Project Manager to lead the planning and delivery management of major projects, whilst holding overall responsibility in achieving key project performance criteria relating to safety, time, costs and quality for a project. In doing so, ensures that client’s satisfaction and expectations are met.




Required Skills, Knowledge & Abilities
  1. Minimum 10 years in design activities as well as experience in managing large projects.
  2. Tertiary qualifications in Construction Management or similar
  3. Significant experience in commercial construction
  4. Excellent communication skills
  5. Excellent time and project management skills
  6. Strong negotiation and relationship-building skills
  7. Demonstrated problem-solving skills
  8. Experience with Cheops and Aconex software


Key Areas of Responsibility
  • Client Relationships – Ensure client goals and satisfaction with project performance are achieved with the aim of securing additional work and/or repeat business in the future by:


(1)           Obtaining a reference from the client, consultants etc. within two months of project completion


(2)           Ensuring that ‘Post Completion Surveys’ are completed within two months of practical completion


(3)           Ensuring that initial Defects are attended to promptly and generally complete within four weeks from practical completion


(4)           Maintaining client contact on a monthly basis during defects liability period


(5)           Encouraging a partnering approach with honest and open communication


(6)           Communicating all client related matters with Construction / Operations Directors.


(7)           Managing the design and construction of the project to satisfy client expectations


(8)           Take responsibility for dispute resolution as required





  • Timely Completion of Projects – Develop a construction strategy and construction programs to ensure effective planning and monitoring of projects, and ensure completion of projects within the targeted time by:


(1)           Preparing an accurate comprehensive project program within one month of commencement which enables the works to be completed on time


(2)           Preparing detailed, short term programs as appropriate


(3)           Monitoring and reviewing established programs on a monthly basis


(4)           Taking decisive corrective measures where necessary


(5)           Ensuring that subcontractors commence work in accordance with the program


(6)           Ensuring that adequate subcontract resources are provided to maintain progress at the required safety and quality levels and this is reviewed regularly


(7)           Demonstrating an innovative approach to construction and problem solving


(8)           Communicate time/resource related matters with Construction / Operations Directors





  • Completion of Projects within Budget – Ensure that projects are completed within budget cost and that payments are received in a timely manner.


(1)           Achieving or exceeding, where possible, target profit level established at the project pre-commencement meeting


(2)           Negotiating with client’s representative to obtain optimum settlement of claims and ensure that a final contract sum is agreed within one month from practical completion


(3)           Ensuring procedures are in place to identify and evaluate claims


(4)           Ensuring final completion certificate is obtained and bank guarantee returned on due date


(5)           Reviewing design, suppliers and subcontractors to achieve the best financial result possible.





  • Administration & Reporting – Ensure that the company’s administration policies, procedures and systems are complied with, and that all reports are completed accurately within the required time frame by:


(1)           Project control reports being completed on a monthly basis, on time, on an accurate basis and all data completed


(2)           CHEOPS is being correctly and accurately utilised


(3)           Ensuring that progress claims are submitted on time and follow up client representative to ensure payment received on or before due date


(4)           Project Administration reports are being prepared in accordance with company requirements and are accurate and submitted on time


(5)           Ensuring that company procedures are followed with regard to the letting of subcontracts including obtaining the necessary approvals


(6)           Ensuring that subcontract tenders are correctly let and incorporate the requirements of the company and project expectations and generally reflect the conditions of the head contract





  • Quality Assurance – Ensure that the project is managed in accordance with the company’s quality requirements by:


(1)           Producing a project quality plan within one month from commencement of the project and obtaining client approval where required


(2)           Ensuring that the project quality plan is a relevant document that reflects the actual quality management requirements of the project and is reviewed for effectiveness during the course of the project


(3)           Ensuring that subcontractors / suppliers comply with the requirements of the project quality plan


(4)           Ensuring that scheduled project audits are completed and any necessary corrective actions closed within the time stipulated


(5)           Actively promoting and implementing the management of the project in accordance with the company’s quality system


(6)           Demonstrating to the client that the project’s quality objectives have been achieved





  • Occupational Health & Safety – Actively promote and provide a healthy and safe working environment on projects in accordance with the company’s health and safety policies and procedures by:


(1)           Producing a project site safety plan which is endorsed prior to commencement of work on site (the plan is to be approved by the Hickory Group Safety Manager)


(2)           Ensuring that inductions of all staff engaged in work on site has been carried out as described in the project site safety plan


(3)           Ensuring that regular hazard appraisals are carried out as described in the project site safety plan


(4)           Ensuring that safety audits are carried out in accordance with the nominated schedule


(5)           Generally complying with the company’s required performance requirements in regard to safety management systems and accident frequency


(6)           Actively promoting safety awareness on the project and encouraging workforce participation.





  • Industrial Relations – Source out possible causes of industrial unrest and prevent issues then arising or contain any issues that do arises to a minimum by:


(1)           Selecting subcontractors capable of managing their workforce and activities in a manner which avoids disputation and maximises productivity


(2)           Ensuring that open, honest communication systems operate effectively on site


(3)           Fostering a positive attitude to union representatives at both site and organiser levels


(4)           Ensuring that amenities and facilities provided on site are of an appropriate standard


(5)           Ensuring that all subcontractor employees are paid in accordance with their EBA or Award conditions (whichever is appropriate)


(6)           Ensuring that project team meetings are arranged to inform all Hickory Developments employees of both project and company activities


(7)           Keeping abreast of industry developments that may have an impact on the project.





  • Staff Development & Training – Foster staff training and development and encourage them to demonstrate their ability by providing appropriate opportunities by:


(1)           Ensuring that all members of the project team are provided with an appropriate position description at the commencement of the project


(2)           Conducting periodic assessment of project staff performance (at the completion of the project or every 12 months whichever is lesser)


(3)           Identifying need, encouraging participation and making sure that staff have access to appropriate training


(4)           Generating and fostering new ideas and philosophies to improve company management methods and operating strategies


(5)           Keeping abreast of the latest technology trends, systems and training available within the industry.





  • Company Promotion – Ensure a professional image is presented to those with whom we are associated. The aim is for excellence in the areas of:


(1)           Personal and staff presentation and demeanour


(2)           Project site conditions and signage


(3)           Correspondence presentation.





  • Levels of Authority – Expenditure


(1)           Authorise and oversee all expenditure on allocated projects


(2)           Capital expenditure items to be authorised only after approval of the Construction / Operations Directors, in accordance with company procedure.





  • Correspondence / Documents


(1)           Authorised to issue any correspondence relating to allocated projects


(2)           Correspondence on any new venture involving the possibility of a long term commitment must be approved by the Construction / Operations Directors before signature.



If the security of a permanent position within a good company where you are still trusted to work autonomously appeals to you; and if you have the skills and experience to be able to undertake the tasks above please apply by emailing applications through to [email protected]