• 10.2021

Save the traditional all-inclusive for the cruise ships, at FLEX it’s a little extra.

Gone are the days of colleagues leaving early for the gym, waiting an hour for coffee, or checking their bike hasn’t been stolen every thirty minutes.

Welcome to a new era of the workplace, a hybrid model that integrates work and life balance. From bike racks to yoga studios, end-of-trip facilities, and a gym, rather than seeing work as a roadblock to your personal life, FLEX incorporates the two, providing balance and flexibility.

Engagement – $25,000

Engagement strategies in traditional workplaces revolve around hiring external speakers, conferences, or work luncheons outside of your work hours (how exciting!). If you couldn’t hear the sarcastic tone in our voices, I’ll simply say that employees hate these. The overriding obligation to attend with enthusiasm and the stress of looming deadlines decreases willingness to engage.

Companies normally use external speakers, hire venues, and even pay for transport and accommodation. And let’s be honest, if those employees had the choice to attend or go home on time– which one would it be? (Rhetorical question, we all know the answer to that!). Companies pump large amounts of money into strategies that pigeonhole their employees, unfortunately, not everyone is interested in the same ‘Why I get up at 5am’ motivational speech, or the ‘How I balance kids and work’ seminar. Not everyone enjoys a boozy luncheon or sports event. Co-working spaces like FLEX not only manage community engagement but also create engagement choices. The flexibility of networking events, industry seminars with sought-after speakers, and office-building sessions allow employees to choose how to engage. Employees generate an eagerness to engage because they want to, not because they must.

Amenities – $5,000

That smart coffee machine you bought for the office? It’ll need servicing, Tom from the IT department will break it and the fancy mugs will start disappearing. Flashing your cash on an in-house bar or fancy new kitchen will keep your employees happy for approximately a week, but the continuous maintenance will keep you unhappy. Lucky for FLEX tenants, the cost of amenities are covered. You no longer need to worry about restocking the biscuits every day or Tom breaking the machine. The reduced stress from handing over these bills and responsibilities to FLEX is becoming a trend, companies are over it and so are their bank accounts.

Cleaning – $10,000

Not just cleaning but COVID safe cleaning, I mean how expensive does it get? With the rise of ‘deep cleans’ comes deeper pockets and for that FLEX is your best friend.

Creative fit out – $100,000

Open plan layouts and a coffee bar sound great but if employees have adopted a hybrid workplace, then why are we investing time and money into a half-empty environment? The ability to forecast change and modernise an office is expensive and time-consuming. However, as society creates trends, FLEX builds them both sustainable and convenient for both large and small-scale companies. If someone would’ve suggested office phone booths in the 80’s we would’ve cringed, but now? A private booth to take uninterrupted calls is heaven, not to mention it means we don’t have to overhear every office call.

With restrictions on companies’ spaces, budgets and feasibility, many resent work due to the restricted time it gives them for other activities. Combining them all in one? That’s FLEX’s domain, with end-of-trip facilities, a yoga studio, bike rack and gym, employees are enabled to combine their personal lifestyle with their working commitments. Even better, employers avoid the financial costs.

Utilities – $10,000

Imagine if someone offered to pay your office bills…. FLEX will! To emphasise how flexible we are, we thought we’d lift the weight of your financial woes. Often, businesses focus too much on fundraising or paying back debt than on the growth and operations of their company.

Office Receptionist – $60,000

The cost of staffing a desk for a hybrid workplace raises financial losses, normally when we pay for a service we don’t use, we get rid of it (aka the 4 streaming accounts you have) but this isn’t possible in a traditional workplace. The simplicity of FLEX means that we facilitate the coordination of concierge and management and if you’re not a people person? We have a community platform and user app. Unaware of the financial changes a hybrid workplace brings, companies may have financial losses if they don’t review their business needs to adapt.

Rent and Outgoings $80,000

Christmas holidays? Office closures? You pay for when you’re at FLEX, we aren’t your grumpy landlord who demands you pay when you aren’t there. Flexibility is in our DNA and this is reflected in our memberships. It’s time to stop blowing your budget on rent and outgoings and use the savings to grow your business!

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